Name an Assistance Dog Puppy

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Together Aussie Pooch Mobile, Empower Assistance Dogs and Variety the Children’s Charity are letting you have your say at naming an Assistance Dog Puppy. This very special, little puppy that will grow up to enhance the quality of life of a physically or mentally challenged person.

Points to consider in naming an assistance dog puppy…
– He’s a boy
– Keep the name short and simple as a young disabled child will need to be able to say his name easily
– Pick a name with one or two syllables
– Avoid names that sound like the common commands; sit, drop, stay, down, fetch.

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The Aussie Pooch Mobile Contribution
Aussie Pooch Mobile has been continuously fundraising through the Variety Children’s Charity for these amazing assistance dogs and incredible children since 2007. We are over joyed to be apart of such a wonderful cause and can’t wait to see more smiles on the faces of both the dog and the special owner. They will be united as one after the completion of their training.

About Empower 
The team at Empower train very special dogs to enhance the quality of life of physically or mentally challenged persons. They still maintain as much independence for the handler as possible. As a result the dog will be a permanent working companion for the disabled handler. They will assist with a myriad of task work but whilst still having the handler work and interact as much as physically or mentally possible.naming an assistance dog puppy aussie pooch mobile we care vareity empower donate

About Donating

Your generosity means the Empower Team, Variety and socially responsible, caring businesses like Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash and grooming can raise, train and locate more assistance dogs to empower these special children. Your donation is Tax Deductible (over $2) and every dollar helps.
Click Donate to help Aussie Pooch Mobile raise funds for these amazing Assistance Dogs.


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