Exercising your family dog leads to better physical and mental health

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What are you doing to ensure that your pooch is fit? Exercising your family dog should be top of your list.  Regular exercise not only leads to better physical and mental health, it also helps them in socializing, as well as behavioral development. In addition, you get to strengthen the bond with your dog when you work out together.


Benefits of exercising your dog

  • Keeps the dog’s weight under control
  • Reduced metabolic and overall health complications
  • Increased confidence, cheerfulness and trust
  • Improved mental health
  • Eliminates behavioral problems such as excessive barking, play biting and digging


Exercising tips to make it as comfortable as possible for your dog

Before exercising, you should assess the fitness level of your pet because dogs have different exercise requirements. Dogs with short snouts may experience difficulties in breathing while exercising making it uncomfortable for them.

During the exercise, if you prefer walking, let your pooch be on the lead. Stop to rest if he sits or lies down. If he seems too tired to continue, go back home.

After exercising, give your pet some water and ample time to rest then you can follow it up with a treat.

You should also put into consideration the kind of weather before venturing outside. High temperatures can make your pet to overheat and burn their feet as they only sweat through their pads.

Avoid exercising your dog immediately before or after their meals as it can cause bloating.


Ways of exercising your dog

Jogging or running

A dog friendly track is all you need to find. Carry a water bottle and a foldable bowl so that you and your pet can hydrate when needed. However, jogging is not recommended for young dogs because their bones are still growing. Remember dogs don’t sweat so do it in the morning or evening.

Playing catch

A game of fetch might be all you need in a day’s exercise as most dogs love jumping. You can do this using a ball or his favorite toy.

Going to the dog park

The dog park creates a chance for your dog to run and play off-leash, resting when he’s tired. He also gets to socialize with his own kind thereby stimulating his social and mental well being.


Swimming is a full body workout which improves endurance and at the same time strengthens the heart and lungs. You need to teach your dog how to swim when he is young as it builds confidence when he becomes an adult. Never force your dog into the water. If he doesn’t like it, switch to another exercise.


Before going on a hike, ensure that your pet is permitted. Know your pet’s exercise endurance limit to avoid having to carry them back home.



No matter the size, dogs need to exercise daily to avoid obesity due to accumulation of weight. Your pooch should not only be your best friend, but also a fitness partner!


exercising your dog fitness aussie pooch mobile dog wash and grooming we care pet care

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