Tips for dog park etiquette

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Heading to the dog park this week?  Here are some pointers to keep an outing to the dog park a fantastic adventure for both your furry friend and you!

Scoop the poop: The golden rule of the dog park – always have a poop bag on hand. No one likes surprises, so let’s keep the park clean and enjoyable for everyone.

Watch your pup’s play style: While playtime is encouraged, dogs have different play styles. Some are energetic, others more laid-back. If your dog tends to be lively, gauge the other dogs’ comfort levels and step in if needed.

Respect each dog’s space: Not all dogs are social butterflies. Some may be shy or anxious, so be attentive to their cues. If a dog seems uneasy, give them space. Likewise, if your dog is the shy one, let them explore at their own pace.

Share the fun: Sharing is caring, even at the dog park. If you bring toys or treats, be open to sharing with other furry companions. It promotes a sense of community, ensuring every dog has a chance to join in on the excitement.
Ask your local Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomer (or check out our online store) to see what toys and treats are available.

By following these simple guidelines, your dog park visits can be enjoyable for all involved. It’s all about fostering a positive environment where both dogs and their owners can create lasting memories. Enjoy!


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