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Women in Business Find Franchising Success Pampering Pooches at Aussie Pooch Mobile

Women franchisees mean business at Aussie Pooch Mobile and the statistics speak for themselves. While national figures show that only 20% of small businesses are owned by women and 11% of franchises bought by women, Aussie Pooch Mobile comprises over 65% women.

And they are extremely successful women at that, collectively winning numerous awards including Franchisee of the Year/Franchise Woman of the Year on a national and state basis, Telstra Business awards and Consumer community voted awards.

Founded in 1991 by a then 21-year-old Chris Taylor, today one of Australia’s most successful and influential business women, APM was the first franchise system of its kind, and is still the largest franchised dog wash and care company in the world with over 175 operators in Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and the USA.

But what is the draw-card for women and why are they proving so successful?

“Aussie Pooch Mobile has been built on a basis of an extended family, both from our customer’s point of view with their dogs being an extended member of their families and our franchisees being part of the Aussie Pooch Family.

“This family business suits women with a passion for dogs, a caring nature and a will to succeed. As a mother of two I understand the need of today’s woman in business and have established support and ongoing training and development that allows women the opportunity to create a successful business while balancing their family and leisure time. Franchising is the ultimate business model to allow women the opportunity and confidence to create a business for themselves but not by themselves,” explains Taylor.

And it works, just ask Karen Garner from Victoria who explains why she purchased a franchise in 1996.

“While I wanted to be able to run my own business I had no idea where to start. The whole concept of what Aussie Pooch Mobile offered to their customers appealed to me, as well as the fact that it was all set out for me in the operator’s manual. I could see the incredible success of other women franchisees that were in the similar circumstances of running a business while raising young children. Because they had proven it could be done, made it an easy decision to enter the franchising sector.”

Today Karen manages a team of successful franchisees, helps out with the marketing of the overall business and balances her family and leisure time. She has also placed as a finalist in Franchisee of the Year with the Franchise Council of Australia.

“It is such an honour working with these dynamic women who are doing so incredibly well in their business,” says Taylor. “At APM we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of these women and encourage others to take a chance and change their lives.”

So at APM it’s ‘secret women’s business’ but men are also more than welcome.

Aussie Pooch Mobile is always looking for more Dog Loving individuals to help meet the demands of our customers. If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting opportunity of owning and operating your very own Dog Wash and Care franchise and think you have what it takes to be a Great Aussie Pooch Mobile Franchisee please complete our Enquiry Form or simply phone our Sales Consultant, Mark Welham on 0411 553 796 or 1300 369 369.

More information about our Dog Wash Service or franchises can also be found at www.aussiepm.com.au