AJ the Border Collie now tucks himself in at night

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Chris the founder of Aussie Pooch Mobile has a Border Collie which she loves to train for tricks. Every time she brings him into the office AJ performs his new tricks.

He now shakes his back paw, waves, rolls over, spins and plays dead plus many other things. We all laugh and think he would do anything for Love Em Liver Treats, which are an excellent motivation and they are pretty yummy too, or so AJ seems to think.

The latest trick Chris has taught AJ is 'putting him to bed' trick. He drops and then Chris places his blanket on him and he picks it up and as she gives him the hand single to play dead and he pulls the blanket over himself!

Apparently if you teach your dog to drop, pick things up and play dead you to can teach your dog this trick!