Meet your local mobile dog groomer in Glenmore Park!

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Meet Aaron Milne. Aaron is the local Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash groomer for Glenmore Park, NSW.

Aaron says: “Before APM I was a bricky, I had been in the job 10 years and found out I had a kidney disease. With this disease I had just enough energy to get me through the aaron12 hour days but no more to come home and play with my little boy. My wife and I decided, as we didn’t know when a transplant was coming, that we would look into operating and running a small business, something that didn’t have a massive start up and could allow me to have more time with my family. Our relative was the franchisee in the area where we owned our home and she had just had shoulder surgery that stopped her from continuing on. She reluctantly allowed us to start talks about buying the business and I have never looked back. Now with 2 boys, APM gives me freedom to spend time with my wife and boys, have energy at the end of my day to enjoy a kickboxing lesson and run a business that can still help support the family.”

Aaron services the Glenmore Park and surrounding areas which include Glenmore Ridge, Mulgoa, Regentville, Emu heights, Emu Plains, Jamisontown and Leonay.

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  1. kevin

    Please have Aaron call me to arrange for washing my malamute he has done it before thanks
    Kevin 0418 672 610

  2. Yvette

    Wondering how much you would charge to wash and do nails etc on two border collies one is 2.5 years old with a very heavy thick. Coat the other is only 7 months old but his coat is nowhere as heavy. And do you work on sat thankyou yvette

    • admin

      Hi Yvette, Thank you for your enquiry. The best thing to do would be to chat to your local Aussie Pooch Mobile operator and they can give you pricing, availability and answer any questions you may have.
      You can phone 1300 369 369 or click on the below link, fill in your details and your local operator will get back to you ASAP.