Working with dogs can reduce your stress

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Working with dogs as an Aussie Pooch Mobile Groomer can reduce your stress.

The health benefits of owning dogs in reducing stress levels and lowering blood pressure are proven so imagine how awesome you would feel working with lots of dogs each day!!

With an Aussie Pooch Mobile franchise you not only get the health benefits that come with hanging out with our furry friends  but also financial benefits of owning your own mobile dog wash business and being in control of your income.

One of our franchisees Pete Sutton did just that.

At the age of 40 Pete was working as a warehouse manager where he began questioning what he was doing and reassessing his life goals. Pete’s stress levels were through the roof! He was starting to feel depressed and physically unwell.

Pete had become friends with his local Aussie Pooch Mobile franchisee washing his Labrador every fortnight.  While having his Labrador washed on one occasion Pete starting talking about how unhappy he was at work and the Local Aussie Pooch Mobile Franchisee asked Pete if he had considered a career working with dogs.

Pete thought about this all afternoon and then made the call to organise to tag along for a day and look at the business first hand.

“Well… I couldn’t believe that people could get paid to have fun like this.

Two weeks later, I handed my notice in, got my training done and within a few more weeks I was in my own trailer as a representative and on my way to building a new chapter in my life.

Now two years later, I have over 150 regular clients plus another 150 casual customers and I own my own franchise”

“The ulcer medication I was taking ended up in the bin 3 months afpeter suttonter I started.

Even when I started off with nothing, I could see the potential of how I could grow a successful business and with the amazing support network that  Aside Pooch Mobile have in place, I never felt alone.

I’ve never been happier in my life, and I hope that I can keep doing this well into my older years”

Pete Sutton- Aussie Pooch Mobile Kenmore QLD

If you would like to enjoy in the health and financial benefits of owning your very own Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash franchise like Pete then please contact us today and find out how easy it can be to trial your new career for a day.

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