Useful advice to a puppy owner!

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Puppies are little squirming bundles of joy that are adorable, but at time, hard to handle, especially in their first year. Puppies love to move and aren’t very good at staying still for very long periods of time. It is incredibly important that puppies are frequently groomed to get them into the habit. It is far easier to train a small puppy, rather than fight with a fully grown Rottweiler that doesn’t want to be washed.

Puppies’ coats are very different to adult ones. Long coats haven’t grown to their full length and other types of coats take time to achieve the texture and thickness. Puppies do not need to be groomed as often as adults do, but it is important that grooming is frequent to get the puppies into the habit now, as it will make future grooming sessions far easier.

Puppies at the start do not understand that you holding their paws, cleaning their ears, looking in their mouth brushing them etc. are essential and non-painful things for them to do. Puppies can learn very quickly and very early on with the right training, that this grooming is safe, rewarding and inevitable. Training a dog isn’t just about the basic commands and house training. You also want to train a dog about how to behave for grooming and also going to the groomers.

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You teach the puppy grooming in the same sort of way as you socialise him with other people and dogs. To do that you need to do little and often each day. You can’t expect a ten-week old puppy to endure an hour of brushing, but the puppy may need an hour of brushing when it is older.

It is important for a puppy to get used to lots of different situations from a young age, as you do not want an older dog that is fearful, instead you want a dog that is well adjusted, confident and friendly. Some people say that you should introduce your puppy to new people, dogs and situations every single day of his life for the first year!

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