Travelling with Pets!!

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With careful planning and the right safety equipment hitting the road with your canine companion can be fun and hassle free. Aussie Pooch Mobile can help with suggestions. Phone: 1300 369 369. Dogs are part of our families. Therefore many of us want to take our pets along with us when going on vacation. This means accommodating them so that they are as comfortable as you are when on

6 quick tips on travelling with dogs:

  1. Get your dog used to longer car trips before you go
  2. Take a good supply of their food and their own food and water bowls
  3. Take their bedding from home
  4. Make sure your dog is micro chipped and your phone number is on a tag on their collar
  5. Take a doggy first aid kit
  6. Make sure they are wormed, fully vaccinated and take copies of the vaccination certificates


Dogs and Car Travel

Before leaving for your vacation, double check that you have everything to accommodate your dog so that they are happy and healthy.

  1. Lead, Collar and ID tag – in case your dog become lost
  2. Food and water bowls – to keep them hydrateddog-with-head-out-of-car-window
  3. Blankets – to keep the warm and comfortable while away from home
  4. Baggies – to clean up after your dog at rest stops
  5. Old washcloths – to wipe muddy paws before getting back into the car

Using these tips make travelling with your pet enjoyable and hassle free. Therefore an amazing vacation can be sustained with great activities for you, family/ friends and your pet, to enjoy.

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