When should my puppy get his/her first bath?

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Do you own a new puppy?

Congratulations on making this next wonderful step in your life. For the next 10 or more years you are going to have more love, licks and fun than you could ever imagine. But along with all the love it is also very important to socialise your new pup to life’s experiences at a young age. Your Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomer will be able to give you many training hints and tips and is also able to nurture your puppy through their first bath with our Puppy Intro Program.


Aussie Pooch Mobile Puppy Intro Program

This program runs over 2 fortnightly sessions and grants a discount on your puppies second hydrobath. Your new pups baths will include everything in our Classic Hydrobath Service but may take a little longer. This is because your local Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomer will slowly introduce your puppy to this new experience. They will use a warm, ambient water temperature in the bath and make sure the atmosphere is relaxed and positive. This will prepare and introduce your puppy to everything they need to stay clean, happy and healthy in the future.


When should my puppy get his/her first bath?

If you love dogs you will be familiar with that beautiful puppy smell that we all just can’t seem to get enough of. If your pup is really little they will still have this smell but as they get older, more playful and more adventurous that puppy smell can turn into a bit more of a puppy stink! Furthermore, it is quite important to wait 1-2 weeks after each vaccination has been completed before bathing your puppa. At Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash all of our solutions are PH balanced and specifically made for dogs which means they are beneficial for your pups skin and fur.


How do I book my puppy in for their first bath?

It’s easy! All you need to do is call 1300 369 369 to find out the details of your local Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomer. Then tell them all about your new puppy and when you would like them to come out and bath them! Or you can jump onto our website and pop in you and your new pups suburb and message your local Aussie Pooch Mobile groomer directly from online.

We hope to hear from you and your new puppy real soon!


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