Groomers support Million Paws

groomers support million paws rspca charity

There’s a silent force that often goes unnoticed in many cities in Australia. That are those of the small business owners who dedicate their free time to give back to their local communities. Our Aussie Pooch Mobile giving groomers support Million Paws walk + many more charities. They are no exception.

The Aussie Pooch Mobile philosophy of ‘We Care’ not only relates to cleaning and caring for dogs, it is strongly tied to caring and helping the community.  Our groomers throw themselves relentlessly into many events to help raise money for charity.

A few inspiring words from Christine Taylor, founder of the Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash franchise:

“Instilling a philanthropic culture within Aussie Pooch Mobile and all of our team has been one of the most rewarding parts of building my business. I have found that these charitable acts of kindness spread – a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple effect. I truly believe that successful businesses have a responsibility to give back to those less fortunate than themselves”.


Aussie Pooch groomers support Million Paws Walk

Aussie Pooch Mobile’s giving dog groomers have been involved with many charities over the years. One of which is the RSPCA and its Million Paws Walk held annually in May each year. If you are heading there this year be sure to visit us and get your furry friend a free pooch cookie!

For over 23 years 100 plus Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomers support million paws. They prepare for this day weeks in advance. They visit the site multiple times ensuring they have supplies and material for the day, which ensures they are ready for a successful fundraising event.

Our groomers start the day at 6am to wash 100’s of the dogs across Australia with all proceeds going to the RSPCA to help animals in need.


Further charity involvement

Not only do Aussie Pooch Mobile groomers support Million Paws, they are also involved with Empower Assistance Dogs, Variety the Children’s Charity, Animal Welfare League, Lions Hearing Dogs and Breast Cancer Awareness. Furthermore our giving groomers also support their own local charities and raise money for what is close to their own hearts.


This silent force does not go unnoticed

The spirit of generosity and community-mindedness is captured within the culture of our Aussie Pooch Mobile groomers. As successful small business owners we highly commend them and at Aussie Pooch Mobile this silent force does not go unnoticed. We are so, very proud that they are dedicating their free time to volunteer in their local communities and commend them highly for this.


Would you like to join our growing team of giving groomers? Find out more information HERE or speak with our area support manager, Mark Welham on 0411 553 796.

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