Healthy dog treats that dogs go crazyyyyyy for

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healthy dog treats pooch cookiesYour pup deserves only the best right? There are a lot of different doggy treats out there but it is important that you feed your dog healthy dog treats. Continuously feeding them unhealthy treats is like feeding your children a whole heap of lollies. At Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash we care for all kinds of dogs, even those fussy fur babies. That is why we worked long and hard to develop our Pooch Cookies! They are available from your local Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash groomer.

Find out why our Pooch Cookies are the #1 healthy dog treats

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No added chemicals or flavouring
  • 100% Australian made
  • Made with real liver
  • Trailed and tested by thousands of dogs
  • Even fussy dog’s love them
  • Made with love

Learn Train Love

Want to teach your furry friend to balance a Pooch Cookie on their nose? See below for some training tips. Let us know how you go with the below tips.

healthy treats for dogs pooch cookies dog beg

1.Start with a sit-stay while you stand directly in front of your dog

2. Put one hand gently under your dog’s chin holding their mouth closed

3. Place the Pooch Cookie on the flattest part of your dog’s nose slowly

4. Say ‘waittttttt’ in a slow, long tone as you gently move your hand away

5. After a few seconds say ‘OK’ in a happy high pitch tone and allow your puppa to flip and eat the Pooch Cookie

6. Finish by praising them with pats and love

Practice makes perfect!

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    […] These Australian made, 100% healthy, natural treats for your pooch are perfect for rewards and training. Our Pooch Cookies come in a 900g bag with approximately 85 cookies per bag. Pooch Cookies are made with real liver that even the fussiest of dog’s go crazy for! Read more about our Pooch Cookies here… […]