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Our latest edition of Pooch News is now out! Jam packed full of dog care advice, fun training articles, competitions plus loads more. Ask your local Aussie Pooch Mobile groomer for a copy of this dog care newsletter today or read our online copy. This newsletter is made by the Aussie Pooch Mobile team for you and your best friend’s well being just like the Aussie Pooch Mobile service! In this edition you will find… Is a Designer Dog just another name for a mutt? Children with fur children, Tips to help your shedding dog, Pooch training tips, Competitions plus much more…


Basic dog care for children

Dogs, like children, are part of our family. So it makes sense that we want the best for our fur baby and our human baby. For both their safety, it is crucial that they learn how to play nicely with each other. Here are some basic dog care tips to keep both your child and pooch safe. Read more….

Tips to help your shedding dog

Are you sick of dog hair on you, your clothes, your furniture and basically everywhere? We are here to help with these easy tips…

But first of all it’s important to note that there is no way of stopping the natural process of your dog from shedding. Most dogs shed at least a little, and after the colder months they begin to lose their winter coat. Therefore you may find excess hair basically… everywhere. The best dog care advice we can give you is to first make sure you have ruled out health issues (allergies, immune disease, or parasites). Here are some steps you can take to reduce dog shedding. Read more…

Pooch Training Tips

Training your pooch is all about timing, rewards, no distractions and consistency. Part of dog care is not only exercising your pooch but also training their mind. When training it is also important to remember that your dog does not understand English. They are purely learning from your body language. To teach your dog tricks, even simple ones, you will need to… Read more…

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