Destructive behaviour in dogs

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How to prevent destructive behaviour in dogs

Lets talk a little about how you can help prevent destructive behaviour in dogs. While exploring, playing, digging, chewing, etc. tend to be normal behaviours for dogs, there are times when these may escalate to become destructive. This typically results in the destruction of household property like furniture, shoes, carpets & doors, barking incessantly, and engaging in other behaviours that are not normal. There are times when it can be too much that the owner of the four-legged friend has no other option than to put up their beloved pet in a shelter or have it rehomed. Destructive behaviour in dogs does not have to end up this way because as a dog owner, you can easily prevent your dog’s destructive behaviour by following some of the simple steps outlined below.


Invest in dog day care services

A majority of dogs are social animals that crave for human contact. If you are leaving your pet alone for long periods, do not be surprised when the end result is destructive behaviour in dogs. This is especially when your dog stays in a confined space. To avoid this, it is wise to consider pet sitting services which will allow your pet to be around other dogs or another human who will take care of them when you are not in a position to.


Identify the different types of barks your dog makes

Barking or howling for a dog is akin to human speech. Your dog will bark when it is trying to communicate something whether it is time to eat or there is someone on the other side of the fence.

Vocalization becomes a problem when they are destructive or inappropriate in nature. A dog may bark because it is bored or there is something that is bothering it. As its owner, you need to identify the different types of sounds that your dog makes so as to take the appropriate action.

Some of the questions to ask yourself when the dog is barking or howling unnecessarily include:

  • Have you recently moved to a new location and the dog feels like the environment is too stimulating, chaotic or noisy?
  • Is there something or someone inciting the barking?
  • Is your dog afraid of environmental factors like hail or thunder?

Because dogs usually bark for a reason, take time to analyse why it is doing so in a destructive manner so that you can remedy the problem.


Give appropriate chewing toys and training

Dogs love chewing especially when they are little pups and there is simply no way around this. While some may stop the habit when they are older, some breeds will continue to chew on everything that comes their way. You may find this to be a destructive behaviour in dogs.

The most intelligent solution, in this case, is to make sure that your doggy has appropriate toys to play with and chew on. Remember that dogs will get bored if they always have the same toy in their yard or home. Rotate the toys so that your pet has something new to explore and have fun with. Training sessions with your pooch also help to work their mind and help them to stay grounded. FREE Ebook on Dog Training HERE!!


Understand your dogs personality

All dog breeds do not exhibit the same personality. You must learn your pet inside and out if you want to live in perfect harmony. This is especially if it has destructive, aggressive behaviours to humans and other dogs or if it simply a little hyper in nature.

Rarely will man’s best friend just “go off”. There has to be something that triggers this destructive behaviour in dogs. As their owner and friend, you should be careful not to put the dog in a situation where it is bound to fail. Note that your pet will rely on you to make the call in various social situations.


Destructive behaviour in dogs conclusion

If your loved pet has any destructive behaviours, the most important thing to do is identify where it is coming from, so that you decide whether you need to rectify this or offer an alternative. Interact with your pet as much as you can and try and make it as happy as possible all the times. If things are getting out of hand, you can always seek advice from a professional vet or dog trainer who will guide you on the best way to handle the situation.


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