Dog Dental Care. Easy hints and tips

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dog dental care pet care dog dental hygiene smelly dog breathLet’s talk about dog dental care! In this blog we are here to educate you as much as we can on your dog’s dental hygiene. Just like humans, dogs can encounter toothaches, gum diseases and of course, the dreaded, smelly dog breath. We have a few easy hints and tips that can help prevent these dreaded dental concerns and keep those pearly whites looking and feeling their very best!


A good long chew can help scrape away plaque and dirt, and most dogs are happy to comply. Bones, chews, large strips of raw meat and crunchy biscuits, can be given to your dog daily to help encourage chewing and to prevent formation of plaque and tartar. Big carrots are also beneficial and are very healthy for your dog too. Ask your local Aussie Pooch Mobile groomer about our Pet Pantry Range and Pooch Cookies at their next visit.

Note: Never give harder items, such as hooves or bones from steak, ribs or ham shanks, as these can fracture teeth.

Chew toys

Many dogs enjoy chewing artificial bones or chew toys. Remember to choose a chew toy large enough so that it won’t present as a choking hazard. Your Aussie Pooch Mobile groomer may have some for you to choose from.

Regular brushing

That’s right brushing. The most effective way to remove plaque from your dog’s teeth is to brush them, using a special pet toothbrush and toothpaste designed for use on animals. Brushing must be introduced to your dog slowly. You can begin by rubbing his lips and gums with your finger before introducing a finger brush or toothbrush. When the brush is first introduced, start by only brushing a few teeth at a time, and eventually work up to include all teeth.

Signs of dental disease in dogs

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding or red gums
  • Having difficulties eating or picking up food
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding teeth
  • Lumps in the mouth

Regular dental check ups

However, for the best dog dental care it is best to visit your vet regularly for a dental check up. If a dental disease has occurred, your dog may be in a lot of pain without you even realising. That is why for your pets best well being, you should take them to the vet for regular check ups.

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