Healthy dog treats that are 100% Australian Made

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Australian made dog treats

Your pooch deserves only the best right? There are a lot of different dog treats out there, but it is important that you feed your dog healthy dog treats.

At Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash we care for all kinds of dogs, even those fussy fur babies. That is why we worked long and hard to develop our Aussie Pooch range of treats.

All our Aussie Pooch treats are made right here in Australia and are 100% healthy and natural treat for your pet. If your pooch hasn’t tried them before, now is the best time to grab a bag.

Aussie Pooch Soft and Chewy Bites
A soft and chewy chicken treat that your dog will love! They are indulgent and rich in flavour, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.

Aussie Pooch Crunchy Biscuits
Our Aussie Pooch Crunchy Biscuits are bone shaped chicken biscuits that are naturally baked and a great reward for your best mate.
Dogs just love them!

Aussie Pooch Liver Treats

The Aussie Pooch Liver Treats are made of 100% Australian Beef Liver with no preservatives or additives. They are a great source of protein and ideal for use as a training reward or as a well deserved treat for your pet. Available in 200g and 1kg packs.

Aussie Pooch Pigs Ears

Pigs Ears are a great entertaining chew for dogs and can keep them content and happier for longer. Chewing mentally stimulates your dog, which can reduce anxiety and keep them occupied. They help to reduce tartar build up on your dog’s teeth making them a great dental chew.

These ears are great for any sized dogs, long-lasting chew for small-medium dogs and tasty pork treat for larger dogs. Available in packs of 10.

Aussie Pooch Lambs Ears

Lambs Ears are the ideal choice for the dog who likes to savour their flavourful treats, keeping them entertained and focused. Safe for puppies and senior dogs alike, these tough textured treats work wonders for reducing plaque and keeping their smile sparkling. Available in packs of 10.

All of our treats have been trialled, tested and LOVED by thousands of dogs and are available from your local Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash groomer or at our online shop – Aussie Pooch Direct.

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