Healthy dog treats that are 100% Australian Made

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Australian made dog treats

Your pooch deserves only the best right? There are a lot of different dog treats out there, but it is important that you feed your dog healthy dog treats.

At Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash we care for all kinds of dogs, even those fussy fur babies. That is why we worked long and hard to develop our Aussie Pooch range of treats.

All our Aussie Pooch treats are made right here in Australia and are 100% healthy and natural treat for your pet. If your pooch hasn’t tried them before, now is the best time to grab a bag.

Aussie Pooch Cookies
These cookies are 100% natural with no preservative or additives and are made with real dried liver that is rich in nutrients for your pooch.


Aussie Pooch Soft and Chewy Bites
A soft and chewy chicken treat that your dog will love! They are indulgent and rich in flavour, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.


Aussie Pooch Crunchy Biscuits
Our Aussie Pooch Crunchy Biscuits are bone shaped chicken biscuits that are naturally baked and a great reward for your best mate.
Dogs just love them!

All of our treats have been trialled, tested and LOVED by thousands of dogs and are available from your local Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash groomer or at our online shop – Aussie Pooch Direct.


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