Taking Your Dog To The Beach

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Dawlish__beach_area_(13.2.08)_069Is your dog hot and bothered? A great idea to cool them down is to take a walk and swim at the beach.


But there’s a few things you’ll have to remember when taking your dog to the beach.


YOu’ll have to first pick a dog friendly beach spot, where your dog can run either freely or on a leash. Chances are that almost every dog friendly beach will have a leash policy.


Remember that dogs are also prone to being sunburnt so it’s very vital to stay sun-protected. Make sure you and your dog remain sun safe by finding shade or putting on sunscreen.


Keep an eye for dangerous items. Remember that a lot of sharp and dangerous items can be hidden by the sand and pose a threat to your dog. Broken glass, fishing hooks, rocks, coral and garbage are easily missed in the sand.


Be wary of what your pet is drinking. Many dogs love to drink salt water but it’s very bad for them. Make sure to take plenty of fresh water or them, this way they will stay hydrated and won’t feel the need to drink the salt water.


Encourage your dog to go in the water and swim. Many dogs don’t like the idea of water or are scared by the prospect of it. It’s good to spur them into the water so as to get rid of their fear of the water. If your dog really doesn’t feel like swimming then you can take some toys along with you that your dog can play with on the sand.


You’ll have to look out for your dog’s droppings and be ready to pick them up.


Remember to wash off your dog to rid it of sand, salt, and germs. You should also do this if your dog swims in fresh water.


If you have these down pat then you and your dog are ready to go to the beach and cool off while having some fun.

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