Dog bath preparation tips for an enjoyable dog bath

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We all know that after your pooch has had their Aussie Pooch Mobile dog bath they are flea, free and smelling great! But if you have an anxious or nervous pooch there are a few things you can do to help their dog bath go a little bit smoother. These few tips are important for your dog’s physical and emotional well-being.

Getting your dog used to touch

It’s crucial to start getting your pet used to being touched all over their body as early as possible. (It’s best to start when they are just a puppy). This includes in between their toes, the pads of their paws, gently inside their ears, all around their face and tummy. The key is to make sure your pet is comfortable with touch so when it comes time for your APM operator to clip his nails, clean his eyes and ears and bath him, he will feel at ease and used to the sensations.

Start regular dog baths early

The earlier you get started the more adaptable your pooch will be. It is important to hydrobath regularly as this keeps your pet’s eyes, ears, nails, skin and fur in their best condition. It will also help to keep parasites at bay.

Brush regularly

The fur is less likely to get matted and he will always be in tip top condition. It is best to avoid matting as it’s very difficult to remove. It pulls on the dogs skin and is very uncomfortable. You don’t have to brush your dog’s hair every day like you brush your own. You should aim to brush it weekly. Your Aussie Pooch Mobile operator always does this before your dog’s dog bath.

Keep calm and carry on

Your APM operator would really like it if you could try to stay calm when you bring your pooch to the trailer. Remember that the dog will pick up on any of your anxiety, and that will make him scared and more likely to squirm before his dog bath.

Be specific before your dog has his dog bath

This is important as every pooch owner wants different things for their pet. If your pooch is getting a clip with their dog bath you can even bring photos to show your Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomer. Be as specific as possible and communicate with your groomer.

Listen to your APM dog groomer

Some people tend to forget that their groomer is fully trained. There are certain ways in which to hold a difficult dog when clipping their nails and performing other services. So please take the time to listen and consider what your groomer is saying.

Following the above steps will allow your dog to have a calmer, enjoyable dog bath and he might even get the zoomies afterwards.

Zoomies- When your dog runs around like crazy really fast. This can occur at any stage but often happens after a enjoyable dog bath. It usually ends with them falling to the floor, panting like crazy and taking a nap.

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