Reduce Dog Shedding with these 6 easy tips

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Are you sick of your dog’s loose hair on you, your furniture and basically… everywhere?

Do you want some helpful tips to reduce dog shedding?

Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash is here to help with these simple tips…

tips to reduce dog shedding


First of all it’s important to note that there is no way of stopping the natural process of your dog from shedding. Most dogs shed at least a little, and after the colder months they begin to loose their winter coat. Therefore you may find excess hair around your yard, home, furniture, clothing and basically… everywhere. After you have ruled out health issues like allergies, immune disease, or parasites (like fleas), there are some steps you can take to reduce dog shedding.

1. Clean drinking water

Even mild dehydration can cause your dog’s skin to dry out which will result in more shedding. Therefore to reduce dog shedding make sure your dog has access to plenty of clean, fresh drinking water.

2. Diet

To reduce dog shedding make sure you are feeding your furry friend a balanced, nutritious diet. While cheap dog food is cheap it is also made up of fillers and is the equivalent of our fast food. Instead look for dog food that contains Omega oils. These fatty acids can reduce dandruff and improve the texture of your dogs coat.

3. Bath regularly

A fortnightly bath and blow dry will help rid of your dogs undercoat and reduce dog shedding. In addition be sure to use a gentle shampoo designed for dogs or simply call Aussie Pooch Mobile on 1300 369 369. We will come out to your home and wash your pooch with high quality, environmentally friendly solutions specifically designed for dogs and also give them a fab pamper while we are there!

4. Upgrade to the Easy Shed Service to REALLY reduce dog shedding

It is designed to release loose hair and undercoat which allows your Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomer to blow dry out any excess hair easier. Therefore leaving less around your yard and home. Its is added onto your classic hydrobath service for a small additional fee. Click here to read more….

5. Brush your dog

The dog hair is going to come out anyway so wouldn’t you rather it come out in a brush when you want it too? Brushing will also make your dog’s coat softer and provide a massage for them too!

6. Regular vet checkups

Many diseases can affect the skin and hair coat. Regular visits to your veterinarian with your dog will help identify problems early. This will identify the problem sooner and help to reduce dog shedding from occurring.

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