Why do I love washing dogs?

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At Aussie Pooch Mobile it is a known fact that we all love washing dogs. All animals in fact. All of our caring groomers do truly try to have a connection with each and every pooch that they come into contact with. And each and every goat, pig, horse, cat, sheep that they also find themselves washing from time to time. Lets explore in a little more details why they love their job so much…


Why Aussie Pooch Mobile Groomers Love Washing Dogs


Carol- Senior Aussie Pooch Mobile groomer since 2009 

“I just love dogs and love to be able to make them look beautiful and smell fantastic!! Prior to doing this I have always done admin work and been stuck inside an office” -Carol Garretty, QLD


Mark- Aussie Pooch Mobile groomer since 2013 and winner of the 2017 Customer Service Award

“I love washing dogs and working outdoors & all the puppy kisses. The worst day on the job beats the best day in an office.” -Mark Goodwin, SA


Jess- Aussie Pooch Mobile groomer since 2012 and daughter of Mark Goodwin above

“I always wanted to work with animals, I feel the best friend you can have has 4 legs and a tail. By being a groomer not only do I meet lovely people everyday but I also get to watch their pooch grow and develop unique personalities.” -Jess Goodwin, SA


Karen- Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomer since 1996 and a multiple award winner!

“I love everything about dogs and saw this as an opportunity to work with dogs and get paid for it. I also needed something I could work around being a mum to 2 children. -Karen Lechner, QLD


If you love dogs and would like to work with them please do not hesitate to make contact with us. 

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