Successful businesses driven by passion

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It is no secret that the most successful businesses are driven with a love for what they do. In the franchise industry, this starts with the founder. The founder has to be so passionate about what they do that they have no choice but to share their knowledge and skills with other people. This then creates a trigger effect and that is exactly what the founder of Aussie Pooch Mobile, Chris Taylor has done and is still doing to this day. Over 28 years in business and she is still as passionate as ever.


Over Chris’s years in business, she has always loved dogs and the grooming industry, but along the way she also found another passion. A passion in helping people grow. Helping her franchisees create their own successful businesses by creating a system that really works! Not only does Chris have the passion to help her franchisees build and run their franchise, so do the support staff within Aussie Pooch Mobile. Aussie Pooch Mobile really is one big, caring family. 


Aussie Pooch Mobile groomers and staff also all have a passion for helping out in their local communities. Our philosophy of ‘We Care’ not only relates to cleaning and caring for dogs, it is strongly tied to caring and helping the community.  Our groomers throw themselves relentlessly into many events to help raise money for charity. “Instilling a philanthropic culture within Aussie Pooch Mobile and all of our team has been one of the most rewarding parts of building my business.” Chris says.

Are you passionate about dogs?

Do you have a strong passion for dogs too? Would you like to be your own boss and run a successful dog washing business? Aussie Pooch Mobile is built on people who share the same passion and help each other every step of the way. If you feel as though you would fit into our caring pack please make contact with us today.

Nothing ever grows in your comfort zone, so are you ready to take the leap?

If you love dog’s and want to be a part of our franchise family, our support manager Mark, would love to talk to you. Contact Mark Welham on 0411 553 796 or

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