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The latest edition of our Aussie Pooch Mobile Pooch Newsletter is now out and is filled with helpful pet care advice; including feeding your furry friend healthy, natural dog food. Keep reading to see what else is inside our latest Pooch Newsletter edition.

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We love Natural dog food and Frontier Pets Food

Our mates at Frontier Pets have developed an extraordinary natural dog food range that is produced right here in Australia using only 100% ethically sourced ingredients. You can read all about it in our latest Pooch Newsletter. Frontier Pets use free-range pork, chicken and beef, together with free-range eggs and organic fruit and vegetables, this food is truly outstanding for your pooch.  Are you feeding your pooch a healthy, nutritious, natural dog food diet?  Click HERE for more information on Frontier Pets natural dog food.

Fleas and Ticks

Ticks are dangerous and can be harmful for you and your pet. Fleas can be an all time common problem for cats, dogs and even you! Sometimes it feels like nothing kills them completely. Read more…

Thunder Phobic

It can be heartbreaking to watch; even before the first clap of thunder, otherwise well-behaved dogs begin to pace, pant, cling to their owner, hide in the closet, or jam themselves behind the toilet. You can see the fear in their eyes and all you want to do is help them and let them know that everything will be ok. Read more…

Why does my dog eat my dirty laundry?

Do you sometimes find your dog eating your dirty socks or even worse, a pair of your soiled underwear? Our dogs live in a world of heightened olfaction; their sense of smell is so much more heightened than ours. Read more…


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2 Responses

  1. Eric

    We’re new to the “pet grooming” industry and ran into your blog. We’ve really enjoyed what we’ve read thus far!
    LOVE LOVE the natural food aspect!
    Thanks for sharing such good information.

    • Brooke

      Thanks so much Eric. My name is Brooke. At Aussie Pooch Mobile we really try in every way to help our followers and their pooches! We recommend Frontier Pets because they are an amazing Australian, natural dog food company that dogs just love!! Thanks for your comment!