How often should I wash my dog?

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How often should I wash my dog?

Today we are here to talk about one of the main questions we often get asked at Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash. How often should I wash my dog? As our Aussie Pooch Mobile solutions are especially made for the PH levels of dog’s skin we recommend 1-4 weekly washes for your best friend. If your pooch is an inside dog you may want to have them bathed every week so they smell wonderful all the time. Furthermore, if they are sleeping on your bed this also allows your blankets to stay clean and fresh for longer.

Why are routine washes best practice?

Washes allergens away- Before they get a chance to penetrate your dog’s skin and cause itching or irritation.
Environmentally friendly- APM Solutions are used that don’t have harsh chemicals and don’t strip your dog’s hair
of its natural oils.
Great for their coats– 1-4 weekly hydrobaths keep your pooch’s coat in tip top condition regardless of the length.
Body check- Your local Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomers are not vets but they might pick up on some worrying lumps or parasites
that you may not have noticed yourself.
The vet said so- Many vets recommend regular washes for your pooch.
The smell- No one likes a smelly dog and our unique Aromacare rinses are made of pure essential oils and vitamin E to keep your pooch smelling beautiful for longer.

What else can I do for my dog’s best well being?

As dog parents we all want the best for our furry friends, not just with regular bathing but in all things. Here are a few things to take into consideration when looking out for your dog’s best wellbeing.

  1. Being flea free, clean and comfortable.
  2. Having a warm, cozy place to sleep.
  3. Being fed a healthy, nutritious diet.
  4. Getting the right amount of mind stimulation and exercise for their breed.
  5. Having the love and attention that every furry friend deserves.


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