pet health

Aussie Pooch Mobile stock a large range of pet health products to ensure your pooch is healthy. Some of the dog wash solutions are listed below. Further dog wash solutions specifically formulated for use by Aussie Pooch Mobile in a Hydrobath can be found at hydrobath solutions.

MEDICATED WASH - Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from skin conditions or sensitive skin. The Pooch Mobile has available to its clients a medicated dog wash to help sooth and prevent further irritations to their pooch.

FLEA & TICK CONTROL - There are many ways to deal with flea and tick problems. Aussie Pooch Mobile can deliver to you a full range of flea control products at very competitive prices. These include  Frontline Plus, Advantage, Revolution, Sentinel and Advantix.

ALL WORMER AND HEARTWORM - Your Aussie Pooch Mobile franchisee can deliver to you a full range of worming and Heartworm control products at very competitive prices.

Franchise Opportunities

Aussie Pooch Mobile affordable, award winning franchise opportunities. Ideal for dog lovers who are seeking a flexible lifestyle and rewarding career. Find out more